Wikipedia Live??? Wikipedia, The Most Helpful and Up To Date Resource Online

The staff at Direct Hit Solutions are huge MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, Cagefighting) fans, so to no surprise, we were all extremely excited on the huge MMA Superfight at UFC 86 this weekend. Unfortunately for myself, I was unable to watch the Rampage Jackson vs. Forest Griffin headliner, but I was able to keep track thanks to many useful MMA blogs and Wikipedia? Yes Wikipedia. I was tuned into the fight as much as possible this past Saturday night and I’m a huge Rampage Jackson, former UFC light-heavyweight Champion. Anyways, as I mentioned, I was able to get live updates all night, but these updates seemed to slow down once the main event started. It was making me crazy not to know what was going on but that soon changed as I was able to find the results thanks to your friend and mine, Wikipedia. Believe it or not, the top result on Google for “UFC 86 Results” exactly when the fight concluded was our trusty friend Wikipedia. We all know that Wikipedia is optimized like crazy for general static info, but I never would have guessed that it would rank as the top Search Result for a live MMA Event. I’m officially calling Wikipedia, the most valuable website on the Internet. Congrats to Wikipedia and drinks are on the house!


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